Randall Jamrok’s upcoming and past performances in Chicago, IL and surrounding regions


March 19 (Time 12:30-4:30) SACMS (South Asian Classical Music Society) at Indian Boundary Park Cultural Center, Randall will perform 10-minute tabla solo in Roopak Taal @ 1:55 PM.
Tabla Solo notes 

Past Performances:

Date Day Time. Title. Performers. Address. Repertoire.
Numbered Video Link.



2/4/2023 Performance at meetup. Jhaptaal tukras and chakradars.
47) tukras, TBA


12/14/2022 with Randall on tabla:

46) Jaijaiwanti in Jhaptaal
& Adachautaal
& Bhajan in raag Bhimpalas, Raag Charukeshi in Deepchandi, Tarana in Raag Parameshwari

12/4/2022 Tabla Solo & Special Taals meetup
45) full video

11/13/2022 Sunday World Concert: Indian Classical Hindustani Northbrook Public Library  3-4:30pm . A concert of Indian Classical Hindustani music in its varied flavors that is pure classical, semi classical, regional adaptation and folk oriented.
44) excerpts

10/29/2022 Private concert at Shamim & Thinzar’s wedding.

10/23/2022 Diwali Celebration in Rockefeller Chapel 4pm

43) Full Duo Performances: 
First Raag

Second Raag

10/15/2022 Private Concert at wedding.

9/17/2022 Private Concert in Arlington Heights.

9/11/2022 Tabla Solo Performance at HTGC 

8/6/2022 Destination Asia Festival 2022
8/7/2022 Destination Asia Festival 2022

7/14/2022 All Living Things Environmental Film Festival. Hira Mubashir with Randall Jamrok on tabla
42) Excerpts
Song #1
Song #2
Song #3
Song #4

6/26/2022 Sunday 2pm Mandala Makers Fest – Palini Ramnarayan with Randall Jamrok on tabla 
41) Full Concert

6/26/2022 9:00 AM-5:00 PM CT Samir Chatterjee’s 2022 Annual Student’s Recitals – Day Two  – Randall Jamrok presents 10 minute tabla solo
40) Full Solo

6/19/2022 Raagavismaya (w/Randall Jamrok – tabla)
IMG-20220609-WA000039) clips

6/19/2022 Pramantha Tagore on sarod performed at open mic with Randall Jamrok on tabla  IMG-20220615-WA000238) clips

6/5/2022 BAISHAK 2022 to ST Jude’s fight against Children Cancer. Members of the Chicago Hindustani Meetup with Randall Jamrok on tabla. Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Hendrickson room, 500 N Dunton Avenue, Arlington Heights, IL 60004.They presented some musical compositions related to this season by poet laureates Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam.
37) Excerpt

6/4/2022 Private Concert for Wedding.

6/3/2022 MrPramantha Tagore on Sarod; Randall Jamrok on Tabla. Sarod Concert in Naperville (private residence).
36) Excerpts:
Tagore Song
Full Concert


11/13/21 Chicago Hindustani Meetup Concert at Arlington Heights Memorial Library
35) Excerpts:
Sneha: Brindavani Sarang vocal flute and tabla teen taal
Rajeshwari: Rajeswari Mckearn Bhimplas
Sonny: flute

9/25/21 Destination Asia Festival 2021 at Morton Arboretum.
34) Excerpt: Piece in Mixed Taals

8/7/21 Saturday 10:30 AM -12:00 PM CST. Randall Jamrok Tabla Solo. In this morning concert Randall will perform:
a Tabla solo in tintaal from memory (including audience-cued tehais, and a Jhaptaal-over-tintaal ending) 40 minutes
25 pieces he learned during the Summer from his Guruji Pt. Samir Chatterjee (lessons, transcriptions, and from his book “A Study of Tabla”) in Tintaal, including Rela, Kayeda, Gat, Tukras, and Chakradars. 30 minutes
5 pieces converted to Neel Taal (7.5 beats) 10 minutes
This is an online Zoom concert due to the current Delta Variant of COVID-19 surge.
33) Full Solo

2/27/21 Saturday 7:00-8:30 PM CST. Talents of Chhandayan. Since 1984, Chhandayan has been grooming some of the most talents students of music from India and the west. From time to time, we take pleasure in presenting them to our audience, as they are already established performers in their respective fields.
Some of the performers in this concert will be:
1. Jorge Ramiro (tabla solo) – a Mexican, now residing in Hong Kong,
2. Randall Jamrok (tabla solo) – from Illinois,
3. Edward Feldman (tabla solo) – an American now living in Italy and Austria
and others.
32)Full Solo


11/21/20 Saturday 2 PM. An Evening of Tabla & Percussion Online. Three of Randall’s students will perform as well as Randall Jamrok who is a student of Pandit Samir Chatterjee.
31) Full Recital,  (Last 2 Chakradars that got cut off)

10/11/20, 3:30-5 PM CST. Intergalactic Memorial Carnival for David Graeber Humbolt Park, Chicago, IL. Randall Jamrok Tabla performance.
30) Excerpt

3/19/20, 8 PM CST. Virtual Tabla Solo in Jai Taal, 13 beat cycle (via YouTube Live). Randall Jamrok on Tabla. Meetup Link. Here is the streaming link:
29) Full Solo

3/7/2020 Saturday Private Meetup House Concert. Jiya Jiya (Hariharan Ghazal).
28) Excerpt

1/4/2020 Saturday 7 PM Ekantha Seva Concert IMG-20191106-WA000027) Full Instrumental Excerpt
26) Vocal Excerpts
25) Instrumental Excerpts


11/24/2019 Sunday 2:45 PM. Christmas Around the World Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. With Austin on Sitar, Sneha Goswami Vocal, Randall Jamrok on Tabla
24) Excerpt

10/12/2019 Saturday 5 PM. An Evening of Tabla & Percussion McKinley Park, Chicago. Randall’s student Waqas performed as well as Randall Jamrok who is a student of Pandit Samir Chatterjee.
23) Excerpts

8/18/19 Sunday 4 PM House Concert – Sitar-Veena Jugalbandi with Tabla & Ghatam with Randall Jamrok tabla. Private Residence, Arlington Heights, IL.
22) Excerpts

8/4/19 Sunday 12:30 PM Indian Fusion Music, Afra Tafri (Prateek Nagaich group) with Randall Jamrok tabla & 1:15 PM Hindustani style Indian music duet with Randall Jamrok tabla. Morton Arboretum Destination Asia Festival. 4100 ILLINOIS ROUTE 53, LISLE, IL 60532.
21) Excerpts

7/04/2019 Chhandayan 2019 Ashram Concert, Randall Jamrok – tabla solo recital, at Shanti Mandir, 51 Muktananda Marg, Walden, NY 12586.
20) TBA

7/02/2019 Chhandayan 2019 Ashram Concert, Steve Gorn – Bansuri, Randall Jamrok –  tabla, at Shanti Mandir, 51 Muktananda Marg, Walden, NY 12586.
19) Shiva Ranjani
18) Sham Kalyon in Jhaptaal
& Tintaal

6/16/2019 Sunday 9:45-10:15 PM. Free show w/ Do The Needful, Jamrok-Patel Duo, + Real Drama. At Crown Liquors 2821 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60618.
17) Excerpt

6/16/2019 Sunday 3 PM. Baithak with Shri Nalin Moolji on Harmonium, Randall Jamrok on Tabla. At Private Residence.
16) Gat – Raag Charukeshi
15) Meera Bhajan excerpt
14) Meera Bhajan – Raag Misra Pilu full
13) Raag Bhairagi excerpt

3/24/2019 Sunday 1 PM. South Asian Classical Music Society’s Annual Student Musicians Concert. Many performers including Sneha Goswami accompanied by Randall Jamrok – Tabla. Indian Boundary Park Cultural Center 2500 W. Lunt Chicago, IL 60645.
12) Live Thumri “Samajhat Nahi”, Raag Khamaj

12/8/2018 Saturday 6 PM. An Evening of Tabla. McKinley Park, Chicago. Four tabalchi will perform: Three beginner/intermediate students of Randall Jamrok, and Randall who is a student of Pandit Samir Chatterjee.
10) Roopak: Uthan & Peshkar
11) Ajrala Gharana Kayeda

8/5/18 Sunday 1:15 p.m. Hindustani style Indian music duet. Randall Jamrok tabla. Morton Arboretum Destination Asia Festival. 4100 ILLINOIS ROUTE 53, LISLE, IL 60532.
9) Full Performance.

8/4/18 Saturday 2:15 p.m. Indian Fusion Music, Afra Tafri (Prateek Nagaich group). Randall Jamrok tabla. Morton Arboretum Destination Asia Festival. 4100 ILLINOIS ROUTE 53, LISLE, IL 60532.
8) Full Performance.

8/3/18 Friday 6:30 PM. An intimate evening of Indian Classical Music. Maestro Aloke Dasgupta, sitar. Randall Jamrok, tabla. Location: 1474 N. Milwaukee Ave. 3
Chicago, IL, 60622. Tickets $10 online, $15 at the door.
Hosted by Chicago Hindustani Classical Meetup Group.
7) Excerpt from concert

6/2/18 Sunday 4 PM. Hindustani Music Meetup Group Concert. Randall Jamrok, tabla, accompaning Hari, sitar, and vocal. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL. Videos:
6) Raag Yaman.

5/5/18 Saturday. Hindustani Meetup Group. Randall Jamrok tabla, accompanying Austin, sitar,
5) Raag Kirwani

3/4/18 Sunday 3 PM. An Ethereal Sound of Sitar: Presented by The Global Voices & The University of Chicago (Department of Music) Sitar Recital by Maestro Aloke Dasgupta (click link for details). Randall Jamrok will be accompanying on tabla. International House, 1414 E 59th St, Chicago, IL 60637.
4) Video.

2009 International Vocal Ensemble at Indiana University, Bloomington. Randall Jamrok, tabla:
2) Ghanana Ghanana
3) Mangalam

2001 Chhandayan Student Recital. New Jersey.
1) Pandit Ramesh Mishra, sarangi, and Randall Jamrok, tabla.