December 2017 — Ramesh Mishra

In 2001, I had the great opportunity to perform a student recital with an amazing musician: Pandit Ramesh Mishra. This incredible opportunity was all set up by my Guru, Pandit Samir Chatterjee. I found out recently, that Pandit Ramesh Mishra passed away earlier this year in 2017.

During that recital, I was excited and flattered to have the opportunity to perform with such an incredible musician. Since that recital–continuing to study Indian Classical music and looking at his obituary in the Times of India–I have only fully realized the shear magnitude of this musician’s career and reach in the Hindustani Classical tradition–and beyond. I recently attended a recital here in Chicago of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee and son–and the sarangi accompanist turned out to be Rameshji’s son, who I had carpooled with him and his family 17 years prior!

Looking up the tabla greats on youtube, Rameshji is the accompanist nine out of ten times. He has performed with and accompanied so many extraordinary musicians.

I am featuring this video as a reflection on Pandit Ramesh Mishra and his amazing career that touched the lives of many. I thank my Guru, all the musicians and tabla students who were part of this event, for this special opportunity.

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