Randall Jamrok, a 20-year tabla student of Pt Samir Chatterjee, is debuting his tabla solo trilogy to the Chicago area.

Performing with Pramantha Tagore on sarod

Each solo has Vlambit Laya, Madya Laya, and Drut laya sections and can be performed from a 30-minute section to a full two-hour concert. The tabla solos are made up of compositions passed down from his Guruji Samir Chatterjee over 20 years of study, as well as Randall’s own compositions and ideas.

Performing with Nalin Moolji on harmonium

Drawing from the Rasas or sentiments in Indian music practice, each solo has a rasa theme. The first solo, Veera, expresses bravery and valor. The second, Shringara, portrays love. And the third, Bhakti, is a testament to the devotion needed to learn this musical art.

Performing with Steve Gorn on bansuri (Photo by Leo Dale)

Please see this example from Pt Samir Chatterjee’s Students’ Day 2022 event which Randall performed at, which demonstrates some of the material from these solos.

These solo’s include over 194 compositions, in 10 sections, over 8 hours of tabla solo, representing all major Gharanas (such as Farukhabad, Delhi, Ajrala, Benaras, Lucknow, and Punjab), compositions originally from Pakawaj, Farmaishi Chakradars, the exploration of chhand including a section Randall calls a “Chhand Explosion” and two chakradars that can be played in any taal which Randall calls Jamrokradars! Additionally, Randall has a piece wherein the audience selects any beat in the taal for Randall to try to perform spontaneous tehai and land on sam / beat one!

Randall is now scheduling performances of the solos in this Trilogy. Please let us know if you want to schedule Randall to perform these solos at your event by filling out the form below.

Randall also has full prepared solos in the following taals for a total of over 1000 compositions:
Roopak Taal (7), Jhaptaal (10), Ektaal (12), Pancham Savari Taal (15), Neel Taal (7.5), Matta Taal (9), Dhamar Taal (14), Jai Taal (13), Chartaal ki Sawari Taal(11), Shikhar Taal (17), Ardha-Shikhar Taal (8.5), Sunand Taal (9.5), and Sardha-Roopak Taal (10.5).


Performing with Qais Yar on rubab