Tabla Methodology

Randall’s teaching methods are a combination of his experience with his Guru, perspective as a jazz drum set performer, and perspective as a school music teacher.

Learning and practicing the basic strokes and tabla “bols” (vocalizations of the tabla strokes) is fundamental in his method.

Sound production and clarity of each stroke and sound are most important and a hallmark of the Farakhabad Gharana (tabla school). Randall uses his knowledge of tabla compositions, as well as his Guruji’s book “A Study of Tabla” (Chatterjee) to develop the tabla student. Creativity is also an important aspect of the learning method, and Randall cultivates this in each student through composing variations, compositions, and through improvising using phrases. Learning the art of practicing is another skill that Randall’s students develop in the class. Listening is an art in itself, and Randall assists and guides the student to appreciate and understand the beautiful repertoire of Hindustani Classical music.

Lastly, students learn discipline and how to perform through student recitals, as well as accompanying instrumentalists throughout the Chicago area.

Randall teaches beginner tabla students.

Class Information