Randall’s Roopak Solo at South Asian Classical Music Society of Chicago Event 3/19/2023

Time of Solo: 1:55 PM

Randall’s Roopak Taal (7 Beats) Solo will be presented as follows:

Akash is playing a lehara in Raag Basant.

Theka played at single time, one-and-a-half speed, double time, ending with tehai/tihai

Peshkar based on a tintaal peshkar from Ustad AmedjanThirakwa which I adapted for roopak taal. Theme and variations ending with tehai.

Kayeda in triplet composed by my Guruji Pt. Samir Chatterjee. Single time, double time, 4 variations, ending with tehai.

3 Tukras:

1) Bols: Dhaget-twaktetun—… Composed by my Guruji’s Guruji Pt. Shyamal Bose

2) Bols: ti—ketetwak ti—ketetwak…based on tukra from tintaal adapted for roopak featuring terekete phrases

3) Bols: dheredhereketetwak ta—- ka te ge ge din…based on tukra from tintaal adapted for roopak featuring dheredhere phrases

3 Chakradars:

1) kat-tete ghen-tete…Composed by my Guruji’s Guruji Pt. Shyamal Bose

2) tetekategadigenedha—…This is based on a theme used by Pt. Shyamal Bose, in which the tehai is a taal other than the taal being played. In this variation I made, Jhaptaal is played three times in every tehai section, all ending on Sum / beat 1 in Roopak taal!

Before the final chakradar, I will play a chhand of Deepchandi (14 beats) taal.

3) The final Chakradar is a composition I call a “Jamrokradar” which I wrote to be playable in multiple taals with no, or minor, changes in spacing. It is based on a traditional theme used in other compositions “dheredhereketetwak twakete dha”

Thanks for listening to my solo, I hope you enjoyed!

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