Improvise Tehai for tabla in any taal! The Jamrok All-Taal Rectangle of Tehai

This is a video about how to construct and use the Jamrok All-Taal Rectangle of Tehai for South Asian Classical Music (compare the Circle of Fifths in Western Music).

This rectangle can be used for coming up with tehais for concluding a tabla player’s kayeda in any taal. This shows how all the taals are mathematically connected, and will elucidate performance and improvisation in any taal.

This sheet gives you a tehai in 1 cycle, 2, 3, and 4 cycles of each taal. In addition, you can double the speed of counting, and halve the speed of counting, for the 2 cycle- and the 4-cycle tehais to come up with 4 additional tehai options.

Also, I failed to mention in the video that half-beat taals are accounted for as well, as they share the math with the following taals: 11=5.5, 13=6.5, 15=7.5; 17=8.5, 19=9.5, 21=10.5. All you have to know is the landing beat of first Dha, and the “Dha plus Space” for each tehai you play.

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