30 BPM to 500 BPM Tintaal Tabla Challenge (in C#)

Here is a practice idea I had for improvising material in the range of tempi for Tintaal on tabla.
I intended this to be an exercise for practicing spells of improvisation in conversation with a sitar or sarod, etc, instrumentalist in concert. For example, I suggest playing tintaal theka at beginning of each tempo change, then go into a theme to improvise with, ending with tehai for each tempo.

I thought it would be fun to make it a Tabla Challenge and share with my Gurubhai and others.
So, take the challenge: make a video of you performing an improvisation with this lehara, and then challenge all your Gurubhai and tabla friends to make their own! This way we can all expand our skills and share creativity with each other in this–hopefully–late stage of the pandemic.

My humble attempt:

Here is the format, each speed runs about one minute each, the 13 tempi were chosen to practice a range and diversity of performance options:

00:00 30 BPM, 2 Cycles
01:14 50 BPM, 3 Cycles
02:12 65 BPM, 4 Cycles
03:12 75 BPM, 5 Cycles
04:16 90 BPM, 6 Cycles
05:20 110 BPM, 8 Cycles
06:32 160 BPM, 10 Cycles
07:29 210 BPM, 14 Cycles
08:40 280 BPM, 18 Cycles
09:50 330 BPM, 20 Cycles
10:45 380 BPM, 24 Cycles
11:48 460 BPM, 30 Cycles
12:50 500 BPM, 32 Cycles
13:39 Tehai!!! 6 cycles left

When the new BPM number shows, that is when I start gradually increasing the speed to the next tempo BPM. (I tried to make the increase as smooth as I could, apologies for any inconsistencies.)

I would recommend getting used to the tempo changes by only playing the theka through it the first time.
If you post your own video performing with this lehara, please share the link to the original so others can easily access it, too!

Lehara created using LehraStudioUltimate, Sarangi, Raag Sohini.
Video Created using InShot:https://inshotapp.com/share/youtube.html

Here is the same video, but from the note “C”, instead of “C#”:

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