Tintaal Kayeda: DhateTeDha teTeDhaDha

This is a basic Kayeda, and I wanted to elaborate on my rendition of this classic piece.
Kayeda bols:
Dha te Te Dha te Te Dha Dha
te Te Dha ge tu na ge na
Ta te Te Ta te Te Ta Ta
te Te Ta ke tu na ge na

I start with an introduction to establish the taal @ 52BPM

Next, the kayeda is performed at single time (52 BPM), playing with the rhythm, then played straight. The kayeda 8 beats played 2 times is one cycle: 8×2 = 16 Beats in Tintaal.

Next, the kayeda is performed at 1 1/2 times or “in triplet” (=78 bpm).
16 notes of the theme x 3 = 48 beats which make up 16 beats in triplet (16×3).
So, theme played 3 times is one cycle.
I also play a number of variations at this speed:
1. DhateTe DhateTe teTe + Theme = 8 beats plus 16 beats of theme = 48 beats (16*3)
2. DhateTe DhateTe Dhagetu nagena = 12 beats x2 = 24 beats (half cycle)
3. 5-beat: DhateTeDhate x 3 plus the end of the theme.
4. 6-beat: Dhate Dhate DhaDha plus end of theme.
5. 7-beat: DhateTe Dhati dhati plus end of theme.

Kayeda played at Double time (=104 BPM), played 4 times is one cycle.
Variations at this speed:
1. DhateTe repeated 4 times, plus end of theme
2. 3-beat variation: dhateTe DhaDhaDha plus theme
3. 4-beat variation: dhateTedha repeated 2 times
4. 4-beat variation: dhateTedha repeated 4 times
5. 5-beat variation: DhateTe Dhate x 2 plus theme
6. 7-beat variation: DhateTe Dhati Dhati x2 plus theme
7. 6-beat: DhateTe DhatiDha x2 plus theme.
8 & 9. teTe-start variations: teTeDhate TeDhateTe DhateTeDha teTeDhaDha…
10, 11, & 12. Theme first, then repeat teTe dhagetunagena part of kayeda.
13. filler variation because I messed up the intended tehai.
Tehai to end the kayeda, based on 6-note DhateTedhateTe Dhagetunagena phrases played 3 times.

Ending cycle: improvisation based on the theka.

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