Tabla Solo in Jai Taal, 13 beat cycle

This was a performance for a live virtual audience in wake of Corona Virus quarantines, 3/2020.
Solo starts at 16:00 (after sound check)

Since many are stuck at home, isolated from each other with few places to go and socialize, I thought sharing this tabla solo I’ve been working on would be a good opportunity to try a youtube live stream for a virtual concert.
Tabla – Randall Jamrok
Lehara – Android

This is a virtual tabla bhaitak with the ability to comment and interact. This will be a full & proper solo with some compositions I wrote and some I altered from other taals.
Uthan, Peshkar, Kayedas, gat, rela, tukras, chakradars.

I hope this music can provide people with the opportunity to connect and enjoy music in these unusual times. So, tune in, sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy this solo in Jai Taal, 13 beats!

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