Post #2 2018 – Jhaptaal Kayeda in Tishra (3) Jaati

This is a self-composed variation of a kayeda in Tintaal:
tereketetwak Takaterekete gena- dhagena dha-terekete dhatidha genatu nagena
which I turned into
tereketetwak Takaterekete gena- dhagena dha-terekete, dhatidha gena,tu nadhage na, dhati dhagena;
for Jhaptaal.

It is interesting to note that this kayeda can also be used in Pancham Sawari Taal (15) in Chatashra Jaati (4), as well as, more challengingly, in Ektaal (12) in Khanda Jaati (5), since all of their beats add up to 60 (10×3 =60 in 2 cycles, 15×4=60, 12×5=60). An Example these different taals with the same kayda (but in different Jaati: 3, 4, & 5 notes per beat) is below.

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