30 BPM to 500 BPM Tintaal Tabla Challenge (in C#)

Here is a practice idea I had for improvising material in the range of tempi for Tintaal on tabla.I intended this to be an exercise for practicing spells of improvisation in conversation with a sitar or sarod, etc, instrumentalist in concert. For example, I suggest playing tintaal theka at beginning of each tempo change, then … Continue reading 30 BPM to 500 BPM Tintaal Tabla Challenge (in C#)


Qais Yar & Rubab JamrokTabla Artist Feature Series features Randall Jamrok performing with established and up-and-coming musicians. Today, we have the honor to feature Rubab artist Qais Yar performing Raag Tilang on Rubab. This version of Raag Tilang was originally composed by Ustad Mohammad Omar. Featured Artist: Qais Yar, RubabwithRandall Jamrok, Tabla Raag Tilang, Qais and Randall

“TAAL” CHAKRADARS Part 6: Dhamar Taal

These compositions are in Dhamar taal, but they are chakradars that use other foreign taals in their tehais. For the original compositions that inspired me, see this link: I composed these 6 compositions, here is a description: 1.  chakradar that uses pancham sawari taal (15 beats) in the tehai (3xs) 2. chakradar that uses chartaal … Continue reading “TAAL” CHAKRADARS Part 6: Dhamar Taal

Tabla Solo in Jai Taal, 13 beat cycle

This was a performance for a live virtual audience in wake of Corona Virus quarantines, 3/2020. Solo starts at 16:00 (after sound check) Since many are stuck at home, isolated from each other with few places to go and socialize, I thought sharing this tabla solo I've been working on would be a good opportunity … Continue reading Tabla Solo in Jai Taal, 13 beat cycle

Chakradar from Ustad Alla Rakha Khan

This is a chakradar from Ustad Alla Rakha Khan in tintaal. My student Waqas found and liked this beautiful chakradar and asked me to transcribe it. I did it to the best of my ability and here is the result. We performed it at 200 bpm, while Ustad Alla Rakha & Ustad Zakir Hussain perform … Continue reading Chakradar from Ustad Alla Rakha Khan