A raised-bed planting by Randall Jamrok.

What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is a design method for creating sustainable and resilient systems including gardens, houses, communities, and integrating all the elements to work together.
In a permaculture system (according to its co-founder, Bill Mollison):
Wastes become resources
Work is minimized
Yields are increased
The environment is improved and restored

In a permaculture design the result is required to promote the ethical principles of care of the earth, care of people, and a fair equitable share for all.
The co-founder David Holmgren derived a series of principles to help the design process.

Who can design a permaculture garden for me in or around Chicago? 
Randall Jamrok practices the design science of permaculture in the city of Chicago and holds two permaculture design course certificates from Midwest Permaculture. He has traveled to Cuba to participate in an international permaculture conference and tour Cuban farms and gardens and wrote a pamphlet about the experience called Permaculture Solutions to Climate Change. Randall has performed consulting work and workshops throughout the Midwest.

Randall specializes in diverse plantings of perennial and annual garden vegetables and flowers–setting up systems that are self-sustaining and repair the earth. Randall has experience to design and implement a long-term food forest, which is an edible garden containing seven or more layers of vegetables and fruits.

A keyhole garden design by Jamrok. Digital rendering by Milton Dixon.

Randall is available for designing, implementing, and managing permaculture gardens. Whether you have a 8′ x 4′ bed you want to make a garden or a whole lot or farm to grow a large scale food forest, Randall can take you through the necessary steps to create a beautiful and bountiful site that will repair the earth, produce continuous yields, promote peace of mind and help make the world become more beautiful and balanced.

PSCC in Indianapolis 18.7.2014
Randall conducting an interactive community-based workshop on permaculture based on his experience in Cuba.

Services we offer
Randall conducts interactive permaculture workshops on a variety of permaculture-related subjects.
Randall has worked with schools to implement school gardens.
Permaculture consultation/ walk-through for your private residence.
Permaculture garden installation.
Contact us for more information.

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Permaculture consultation and walk-through

Randall will come to your site, listen to your needs and wants, assess the site for a potential permaculture garden design, and put together a proposal for a design, discussing a variety of planting options.